Four discrete channels of Gating and Compression in a single rack space, with the quality that only BSS Audio can provide, and a price that you’ll appreciate.

Features include:

  • 2 noise gates
  • 2 compressors
  • Parametric compression (frequency-selective)
  • Frequency-conscious gating

The value of four channels of dynamic processing in one unit needs no explanation, but the combination of gates and compressors in such a device brings further cost, space, and application benefits.

Add to that the unique ability of the DPR-944 to provide frequency-selective
compression (through its parametric filter) and frequency conscious gating, and you’ll soon see just how indispensable the DPR-944 can become.

Coupled with BSS’s proprietary subtractive compression technology, the parametric filter means you can compress specific frequency bands. Now you can effectively eliminate sibilance, microphone popping and proximity effects, and tame instrument and voice tonal characteristics that vary with level.

The compressor also utilises BSS’s proprietary ‘progressive knee’ ratio control which ensures soft-knee musicality at low ratios and hard-knee precision at higher settings.

Frequency-conscious gating allows you to precisely select the frequencies that will trigger the gate, eliminating false triggering (for example from rack tom spill). If you need more gates and compressors, just add more DPR-944’s. All inputs and outputs are independent, so you can patch them how you like, rather than being constrained to how some manufacturers think you need them patched. DPR-944 can be an effective part of small, more generic processing racks.