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Technical Services

In addition to equipment supply and technical support, Big Bear Sound offers a wide range of specialist technical services:

Acoustic Treatment – boomy bass, shrill highs, clattering echoes – we’ve heard (and fixed) them all before. We can help you get the best sound from your studio, vocal booth, living room, restaurant, lecture hall, conference room, etc… whilst keeping within your aesthetic requirements and budget.

Cabling & Wiring – with everything from off-the-shelf microphone and instrument cables, to in-house custom cable manufacture and on-site installations, we’ll get your signal from A to B through the path of least resistance, guaranteed. Audio, video, MIDI, timecode, power, data, patchbays – you name it.

Monitor Speaker Calibration – using acoustic measurement equipment, we analyse and correct the performance of your stereo or surround speaker system, fine-tuning the levels, delay times, and frequency response to give the most accurate and balanced sound possible in your studio, listening room or home cinema.

Studio Build & Soundproofing – whether improving an existing facility, or starting from the ground up, Big Bear Sound has the knowledge, expertise and experience to help plan and guide your studio project right from the beginning, incorporating planning and construction, soundproofing, acoustics, wiring, furniture and equipment.

System Configuration – we can help with choosing, installing and configuring all of the various elements in your computer system, be it for audio, video, graphics or other. Mac or PC, portable or desktop, bare-bones or with all the extras – we select and fine-tune all of the necessary components to get you the absolute best performance and reliability from your setup.

Training – you’ve got the equipment, now how does it all work?! To save you wading through the 1,200-page manuals, trawling the internet or studying for months, we can offer specific training on your system, at a time, location and pace of your choice. Learn just what you need, quickly and without hassle – one-to-one or with a group.


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