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Drawing on our vast and on-going experience throughout the worlds of professional audio and video, Big Bear Sound is uniquely well-placed to serve the teachers and academic institutions that are training our next generation of producers, engineers, artists, film-makers, musicians, journalists, presenters, DJ’s…

We offer educational discounts on a wide range of software – e.g. Apple, Avid, Sibelius, Adobe, Waves, Sonnox, MOTU, Steinberg, VSL, etc – both as single-user options for students and teachers, and multi-user licensing for classrooms, labs and larger-scale environments. There are also savings available on many hardware products, and in any case we will always do our best to help our education customers to get the most from their budgets.

For multi-user computer labs, we can supply, configure and deploy any number of computers to your specification, along with solutions for both local and centralised storage and backup, networking, software licensing and management, and security solutions (both hardware and software).

With any “hands-on” college equipment – e.g. in studios, PA equipment, field recording and camera equipment – we will always balance our recommendations towards the industry-standard gear that students are most likely to face later in the workplace, whilst making sure that it’s robust enough to withstand the rigours of constant use, often by as-yet untrained operators.

In the event of any problems, we provide warranty and technical support for all products sold at Big Bear Sound, and are happy to help with any out-of-warranty repairs etc. We also provide contracted regular maintenance and service to several educational facilities, to help keep things up-to-date and running smoothly with a minimum of fuss.

Training is also available for teachers and staff on any equipment or system workflows as required.


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