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Data Recovery – data loss can be the stuff of nightmares. For any hard drive not responding (or accidentally formatted…), corrupted files or RAID system, stop everything (immediately!) and bring it to our technical team.

Equipment Repair – if your equipment has given up the ghost, give us a call.  We provide authorised warranty service for several brands ourselves, and handle any back-to-manufacturer returns when required.

Maintenance / Service Contracts – keep control of your operating costs, see off any problems early with preventative maintenance, and reduce the effects of wear & tear.  Our service contracts are designed with you to suit your requirements, schedules and budgets.

Technical Support – the first line of defense!  Don’t let hardware or software issues hold you up: call or email us for prompt and expert help with any tech “gremlins”.

Warranties – for peace of mind and to minimise any repair (or replacement) charges, our range of extended hardware warranties and accidental damage cover will keep your equipment protected and your costs down.



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