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In studio, on set, on stage, on location…

With a long history of supplying and supporting almost every aspect of the professional audio & video industries, Big Bear Sound is a one-stop-shop for pre-sales advice, equipment supply, system build and installation, and after-sales care.  Huge enthusiasm, mixed with years of experience working with recording studios, broadcast TV and radio, audio and video post-production, location sound, live music and theatre production have given our staff a very thorough knowledge and expertise, across this unusually wide range of subjects.

We take great care in choosing which products we offer – always favouring solid, high-quality products backed by proper warranties and on-going support – regardless of brand name, hype, “bells & whistles”, or price. Professional kit has to work properly, and continue to work properly!  We will always try to offer whatever we believe is the best solution for the customer, and we are happy to recommend and special-order any non-stocked items.  We provide technical support and full warranty cover on any product sold at Big Bear Sound, as well as helping with out-of-warranty repairs and servicing.

Our premises near Dublin city centre is home to a huge array of demonstration setups, e.g.

  • microphones,
  • headphones
  • studio monitor speakers,
  • PA systems,
  • audio and video workstations,
  • music production & composition software

We work closely with manufacturers and distributors to bring our customers the latest and best products at very competitive prices, together with regular sales promotions and special offers.  We maintain large stocks of our most popular items, and can process orders up to 4pm for next-day delivery to anywhere in Ireland (inc. Northern Ireland).

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