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With 20 years experience in professional audio and video, we are passionate about quality. We are inspired by the difference that quality entertainment systems make to your enjoyment of music, TV and home cinema.  As well as significantly increasing the value of your home, a well installed home entertainment system and WIFI network is now an essential part of modern living. The home is evolving.

Let us tell you about TV, sound and control systems that make your life more fun, more convenient, energy efficient, time efficient and secure.

  • Excellent quality, reliable TV and sound systems
  • Home control systems that can be controlled either from a remote control or iOS and android devices
  • Speakers use WIFI so reduces the need for cables

Let us help you to find a solution that suits your lifestyle.


With a huge range of products and solutions available, Big Bear can offer an increasing range of services for the home.

Consolidate and simplify your living room setup:  integrate your TV set-top box, network media player (e.g. Apple TV), Blu-Ray or DVD player, games console, etc with your HD television or projector, and surround sound system – all managed from a single, easy-to-use remote control.

Install multi-zone sound systems – share your music library throughout your house; listen to a different song or radio station in every room, or play the same music throughout the whole house for parties.

Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 10.35.14Integrate your heating, lighting, security and communications to a single control system, simplifying the entire operation, with the ability to automate everything and create “scenes”: e.g. select a “Movie” setting to automatically power on your TV and media player, lower the lights, close curtains, turn up the surround sound speakers…

We also provide network design and trouble-shooting for internet services, WIFI coverage, VOIP/communications etc., along with storage and backup solutions to keep your media safe.

With local technical support on hand to help with any problems, or just for some friendly advice, Big Bear  offer a complete end-to-end solution for your home.

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