The FDS-360 is an electronic crossover system, and incorporates all the latest technology and facilities that are required for todays high powered loudspeaker systems. This frequency dividing system (FDS) is substantially more than a basic crossover, combining a high degree of sophistication which enables accurate control of loudspeaker power, dispersion and acoustical summation around the critical crossover region.

The FDS-360 features the following:

• Stereo two-way mode, or switchable three/four way mono mode. • Separate frequency band limiters matched to the precise band of frequencies controlled.
• Separate polarity switching for each band.

• LED signal level monitoring.
• Band insertion points for interfacing external equalisation and time delay units.
• Band-edge phase adjustment allowing 360 degrees of control.
• Crossover filter programming via plug-in frequency cards allowing any frequency, choice of 12/18/24dB/OCT slopes and filter responses to be specified. 24dB/OCT Linkwitz-Riley responses are supplied as standard.
• Internal equalisation option.