Based on the award-winning, tried and tested BlackBox Recorder design, the BLACKBOX BBR64-MADI RECORDER is designed to record and replay up to 64 channels of MADI data and yet still only occupies one unit of rack space! The recorder can capture the full 64 channels at standard sample rates directly to Broadcast WAV files on an external USB2 drive. Double sample rate MADI recording (up to 96kHz) is also accommodated.

The recorder sports both coaxial and optical MADI connections for interfacing with any MADI equipped console or other equipment. Additionally, the BBR64-MADI caters for 56-channel legacy MADI and can record a further 8 channels of analogue (balanced line in) for capturing the audience reaction or general ambience.

The BBR64-MADI will lock to or generate word clock, as well as locking to the received MADI data stream. The MADI input is echoed direct to the output to ease system integration. In addition to the PFL bus providing both hi-resolution metering and headphone monitoring, an additional “mix” feature has been added to the headphone output.

JoeCo Bluetooth is a new cost-effective alternative for wirelessly connecting a BlackBox and iPad. The tiny interface connects directly to the BlackBox. JoeCo Bluetooth can also be connected to the MultiRemote interface for wireless control of up to four BlackBoxes. JoeCo Bluetooth utilizes BLE4.0 which is supported by 3rd generation iPad or later.
This item is 3 months old and hardly used.