Whilst there are other very powerful amplifiers available, the NAD Model 218 THX goes beyond just brute force: It’s sonic performance is among the very best available, be it at low or high power levels. I had it paired with Dynaudio M2’s (in another ad) for extraordinary power and detail.
But would be great for any pro speakers.
I have also used it with Yamaha NS10’s when their amp was in for repair and they sounded awesome, especially at the bottom. Unusual for NS10’s!

• 2 x 200 Watts continuous power into 8ohms (230 V version) 2 x 225 Watts continuous power into 8ohms (120 V version) • Dynamic Power 250, 430, 660 W into 8, 4 and 2 ohms (230V) Dynamic Power 280, 470, 700 W into 8, 4 and 2 ohms (120V)
• Low loss, massive HolmgrenTM toroidal mains transformer
• Dual mono, Left and Right mirror image amplifier PCBs
• Fully balanced XLR inputs
• Soft Clipping
• Protection circuitry senses short circuits, DC and overheating
• Bridgeable; 700 W into 8 ; 1.2 kW dynamic power into 4

To cope with difficult loads (even as low as 1ohms), the NAD Model 218 THX is equipped with a high current output stage combined with a very generous power supply. The massive “Holmgren” toroidal transformer, has even less hum and magnetic leakage than conventional toroids, and retains the usual benefits of high efficiency and power-to-weight ratio.
Additional features
The Model 218 THX comes with fully balanced XLR inputs which allow it to be partnered with professional equipment or with long stretches of cable between the pre- and power amplifier without the risk of interference. The standard 19 inch rack mounting front panel further facilitate the use of the Model 218 THX in a professional environment. The output relay protection circuit provides silent switch on and off, together with non-evasive protection against unlikely error conditions such as short circuits and overheating.
For maximum flexibility, the NAD Model 218 THX can also be operated in bridged mono mode, typically tripling its output power rating. This makes the NAD 218 THX an ideal choice for a sub-woofer amplifier or high powered amplifier in THX or other Home Theater applications.
The Model 218 THX also incorporates NAD’s acclaimed switchable “Soft Clipping” circuit which significantly reduces the risk of damage to loudspeakers due to prolonged high power operation.
NAD was the first company to introduce a THX certified power amplifier. It is therefore no surprise that the NAD Model 218 THX passes Lucas Films’ stringent THX requirements with flying colours.

Unbridged (Stereo) Mode 120V
CONTINUOUS OUTPUT POWER 225W (23.5 dBW) (Minimum power per channel, 20Hz-20kHz, both channels driven, with no more than rated distortion)

20Hz-20kHz -3dB at ref. 1 W ref. rated power
Bridged (Monophonic) Mode
IHF dynamic headroom at 8ohms IHF dynamic power
(maximum short term power per channel)
Physical Specifications
Net Weight Shipping Weight
8 940W (29.7 dBW)
4 1.3kW (31.1 dBW)
483 x 175 x 370mm 23kg

Can be sold with Dynaudio M2’s, contact us for package price