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Cabling & Wiring



Your signal chain is only as good as it’s weakest link, which is why we only use industry-standard cable and connectors from reputable manufacturers, tried and tested.

A wide selection of pre-made cables are always available off-the-shelf from our shop –

  • audio cables, e.g. instrument, mic and speaker cables,
  • multicore looms, snakes, and splitter cables,
  • splitters, adapters, etc.
  • computer cables, e.g. Firewire, USB, DVI, eSATA

Need something a bit different? (And in a hurry?) We stock a wide variety of cable and connectors, and fulfil most small custom orders same-day:

  • XLR (3, 4 and 5-pin, straight or right-angled)
  • Jack and minijack (2, 3 or 4-pole, straight or right-angled, inc. locking)
  • LEMO & Hirose
  • TA3, TA4 or TA5 (mini-XLR)
  • DB25, DB15
  • BNC
  • power (mains, IEC, low-voltage DC)
  • Speakon & PowerCon
  • Microphone cable (standard & starquad)
  • Instrument cable (standard & lo-cap)
  • Installation cable (FST,
  • Multicore & multipair (2, 4, 6, 16 – others by request)
  • Speaker cable (2- or 4-core, various gauges)
  • Cable management – Velcro ties, heatshrink, labelling
  • Coax (50 or 75 ohm)

For on-site and installation jobs, we provide a full range of services:

  • racks and patchbays
  • console wiring
  • stage- and wall-box solutions,
  • splitters, distribution amps and extenders,
  • data networks
  • power distribution and UPS
  • complete wiring design and documentation
  • project management

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