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Monitor Speaker Calibration

If you feel that your speaker system is letting you down, we are here help…

* Erratic bass response: certain notes or sounds “boom” out, whilst others disappear completely,
* Poor stereo (or surround) imaging,
* Film dialog, surround or low-frequency effects either too loud or too soft,
* Different sound from room to room within facilities:
* Broadcast QC issues: audible edits, levels & panning problems, intelligibility of speech,

When you listen to any speaker in any room, you are hearing a combination of the direct sound from the speaker itself and the same sound reflected from the walls, floor, ceiling, furniture, mixing console, etc etc….  At some frequencies, these reflections will add to the direct sound, causing a frequency boost, whilst at others they will cancel out the direct sound, causing a frequency dip.

These boosts and dips can often be very severe, particularly in the low frequency or “bass” region, and it is very common to find huge differences of up to 20 or 30dB between frequencies (or notes) at the listening position!  The net result of this is a very uneven and unpredictable sound; certain notes or frequencies are “boomy” and overpowering, whilst others seem to disappear almost entirely.

If using a separate subwoofer, its position and settings are even more crucial;  unless setup very carefully, adding a subwoofer can often complicate matters, leading to more problems and an even worse-sounding system.

The position of the speakers relative to the listener also has an effect:  placed incorrectly, the stereo image can be muddled and indistinct, or even lopsided.  All of this even more important with surround sound systems – with dedicated channels and speakers for dialogue, surround effects and low-frequency “boom” effects, if these are not setup correctly it can seriously impair the overall viewing experience.

Our speaker calibration service uses specialised acoustic test equipment to pinpoint the problems with your speaker setup and/or listening environment (and their most likely causes), and to treat them appropriately.  Adjusting the position of your speakers and/or calibrating their levels, delays and frequency response helps to reduce the problems mentioned above, and often tiny adjustments can result in very noticeable improvements, both for professional and home environments.  When corrected, the overall sound has a much smoother response, more detail and definition, and sounds appear exactly where they should:

* balanced frequency response – so that your mixes translate better outside your studio;

* improved overall accuracy – better monitoring lets you hear exactly what’s going on;
* peace of mind – no more “second-guessing” or trying to work around a “lumpy” speaker system;

* sonic consistency – easily transfer work between different studios, mix rooms and client listening rooms;
* improved listening experience – for music and movies.

Our staff have extensive training and many years experience in this area, and have calibrated speaker systems for the following clients, among others:


* Cauldron Studios

* Music Dept, Trinity College, Dublin

* Advanced Technology & Research Lab, Trinity College Dublin

* Irish Museum of Modern Art

* Mutiny Audio

* Gorilla Post

* Brown Bag Films

* Area 51 @ Pulse

* Experimental Audio

* SoundBank Post

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