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System Configuration

Our technical staff have spent years keeping up with the many various versions of softwares and plugins, operating systems, hardware revisions, driver and firmware versions, etc etc etc… so you don’t have to!

For example, making sure that you get the right types of memory and storage for your computer, the correct OS to run your software applications, and that everything is installed and set up properly.  We even look after customers’ software registrations and authorisations, saving you loads of time and headaches.  We take all the hassle and head-scratching out of a new system – when you bring it home you can simply plug it in, switch it on, and off you go.

We can give you a walkthrough of your system, and a brief tutorial on how to set it all up, along with basic operation and troubleshooting to help increase your confidence and keep things running smoothly.  Of course if you do run into any trouble with your new kit, our technical support staff are always available to assist.

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