To celebrate both the 10-year anniversary of Genelec’s hugely successful 8000-series monitor speakers, and Big Bear Sound’s 10 years as their Irish distributor, we are delighted to offer trade-in deals for a limited time, from any active or passive studio monitor speakers to a new pair of Genelec 8010A, 8020C, 8030B, 8040B or 8050B models.

To avail of this offer, just return your existing monitor speakers to Big Bear Sound – they can be any make/model, active or passive, provided that they are in good working order.  (Full terms & conditions below).  You can then purchase a new pair of speakers at the prices shown below:

(Prices shown are per pair, including VAT, with qualifying trade-in):

8010A (pair): € 458.00
8020C (pair): € 658.00
8030C (pair): € 938.00
8040B (pair): € 1,518.00
8050B (pair): € 2,458.00


Genelec-8040B-rearFeaturing a unique cabinet design made from recycled aluminium, along with custom drivers and amplifiers, each Genelec 8000-series speaker is individually assembled, tested and calibrated by hand at the Genelec factory in Iisalmi, Finland.  This attention to detail gives class-leading performance, e.g. minimal distortion, exceptional imaging, frequency response – as well as incredible bass response and SPL capability from a small cabinet design.  They also provide excellent long-term reliability, with a 4-year warranty on all 8000-series speakers.

In keeping with Genelec’s philosophy of environmentally sustainable design, all current models also feature Intelligent Signal Sensing (ISS™) circuitry, which switches the monitor to standby when no audio input is detected, reducing power consumption to a mere 0.5W.

Big Bear Sound are Genelec’s exclusive distributor for Ireland since 2004, and have supplied a huge number of Irish recording studios, broadcast and post-production facilities, and private/project studios with Genelec monitoring systems.  In addition to on-site acoustical calibration of Genelec monitor systems, we also provide extensive in-house demo facilities, product specialists and factory-trained Genelec servicing and repairs at our Dublin city-centre premises.

For further details or to place your order, please call or email us.

Terms & Conditions:

  • Offer ends 30 September 2014.
  • Trade-in offer only available for the models listed above.  No other Genelec models apply.
  • Offer applies to standard “charcoal grey” finish models only.
  • The customer is responsible for all carriage costs of the trade-in speakers to Big Bear Sound.
  • Trade-in value will not be provided in cash or credit form.
  • The customer must be the owner of the speakers to be traded in.
  • Once the trade-in sale is complete, ownership of the traded-in speakers will pass to Big Bear Sound, and the customer will no longer be the owner of the speakers.
  • If the customer decides to return their Genelec speakers following a trade-in deal, re-imbursement will be limited to the price paid for the Genelec speakers, and will not include either the traded-in speakers or their value in cash or credit.